Group Racing


Book a group racing event for your very own private racing experience with your closest friends. Our Family Four Pack, Double Team and Arcade Extravaganza are designed to perfectly accommodate date nights, large group, or small gatherings for an exciting adrenaline surging, blood pumping experience. For larger groups, we suggest an entire track rental or facility buyout. IRACE also offers Endurance Racing, Iron Man and other special racing events during the year.

*Each package includes a reserved time for races. Reservations require a 50% deposit to be paid at time of booking. Dates and times are not guaranteed until the deposit is received. Please call our event coordinator at 281-394-5257 or email your request to All racers must be 56″ tall and able to control and operate the kart safely and without incident.


Group Racing Packs



20 laps around our bi-level track! Can you make it thru till the end in this race against time?

- Up to 10 Racers
- 20 Laps Race vs Time


First, run a 10 lap qualifier to compete for Pole Position, then racers start on track positioned by time to do a winner take all race to see who can cross the finish line first after 15 laps!

- Up to 10 Racers
- 10 Laps Qualifier
- 15 Laps race for 1st place



First a 10 lap practice run to analyze the track, then it’s 40 laps in two stages - a race against the clock to prove who the fastest racer is.

- Up to 10 Racers
- 10 Laps Practice
- 20 Laps Race vs Time, stage one
- 20 Laps Race vs Time, stage two


First, each racer practices with 10 laps around while you analyze the track. Then it’s two 20 lap stages and the clock will prove who is the fastest racer. Best combined time wins!

- Up to 20 Racers; 2 Racers per team
- 10 Laps Practice, Racer 1
- 10 Laps Practice, Racer 2
- 20 Laps Race vs Time, Racer 1
- 20 Laps Race vs Time, Racer 2


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