What sets iRACE apart from ordinary Go Kart tracks? Many karting tracks offer only two types of races – kids and adults. At iRACE, we provide a fun-filled and safe racing environment by providing three (3) distinct race types tailored to match the driver’s ability.


rookie vs novice vs pro



The Rookie Race is just the ticket for our youngest drivers to get the feel of the track. With a maximum speed of 17 mph, the Rookie Race is perfect for young drivers who are 10-13 years old and at least 56” tall.


The Novice Race is designed for those just getting started in racing. Novice racers reach 27 mph in under 5.0 seconds, and they’re sure to feel the g-forces as they twist through the turns and blast down the ramp from less than one inch off the ground. Novice racers must be at least 13 years old and 56” tall.



The Pro Race is held in the same karts, but reach 30 mph in just under 4.0 seconds and reach up to 40 mph! In Pro Racing, racers are much more aggressive and run the fastest lines around the ¼ mile track. The Pro Race is not for the faint of heart, but once you’ve mastered the Novice race you’ll be a natural for Pro. For Pro Racers, you must have a drivers license or permit, qualify a lap time of 30 seconds or less to earn the Pro Race License, and be at least 56” tall.



iRACE offers racers from Katy & Houston the opportunity to just show up and race with no advance reservations. We operate as first come, first served, so on our busiest days there may be a short wait. But our best racers use this time to study the lines the fastest drivers are running and use that inside info to their advantage once they hit the track. Each racer is competing for fastest lap times, so you are actually racing the clock, not each other. 

Call (281) 394-5083 for approximate wait times.


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